Hasty Heart Prediction - Mr E

Hasty Heart Prediction - Mr E

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Here is a simple prop that will give you some BIG laughs from our very own Eddie Burke.

You display a jumbo size prediction card inside an envelope, which is left in full view.

A playing card is then chosen from a freely shown pack – however when your prediction is displayed it proves to be the Ace of Hearts which isn't correct at all.

Merely by turning the card over the prediction now displays the Four of Hearts but you are still wrong.

Again the card is turned over and displays the Three of Hearts – wrong again.

Turn it over and it is now the Six of Hearts but yet again you are wrong!

“What card did you choose?” you ask in desperation to be told it is, “The Queen of Hearts!”

“Why didn't you say so in the first place?” You retort, as the prediction card is dropped open to double its size showing a giant Queen of Hearts!

Very simple to do. Use your own pack of playing cards.

Comes with the special ever-changing card which has been laminated for long life & instructions.

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