Blanco Prediction

Blanco Prediction

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You show a blank packet of cards and any spectator is asked to remove a number of them while they are in their own hands, and then slip them into their pocket sight unseen. All this happens while your back is turned.

Twelve blank cards are now laid into a circle to represent a clock face. One of these cards becomes the spectator's choice.

The spectator's chosen card matches perfectly with a card set aside in your PVC wallet, which has been in full view since the start of the effect. (N.B: Where you are pushed for performance room the 12 cards can be left in a single pile). But there is more...

The spectators are not impressed and they are quick to point out that all the cards are blank, including the chosen card and your prediction card. Are you just kidding or trying to get away with murder? But there is more to come...

You now have the spectator turn over both his chosen card and the prediction card, which prove to match each other exactly just as you stated and all the rest of the cards are double-blanks on both sides!

Everything can be left with the spectators and freely examined to their heart’s content. Resets in a moment.

Comes with quality Bicycle cards, wallet & instructions.

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