Colour Confusion

Colour Confusion

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Imagine the perfect mental mystery; it can be packed into your briefcase or even into your pockets where it is always ready to perform. It will make such an impact on your audience that the hairs on the back of their necks will stand on end just thinking about it.

Easy to present and yet packs such a wallop that it will captivate the hardest of audiences and turn them into your greatest fans. Suitable for stand-up, close-up, table magic or stage & cabaret.

Three spectators assist you (no stooges), spectator number One is given three large C5 envelopes (9”x 61/8” 162x229mm) to mix and shuffle to his heart’s content. He keeps one envelope and passes the others to spectator number Two who also mixes these two envelopes – she keeps one for herself and passes the last one to spectator number Three. Their choice of envelope is absolutely free.

Please note: you never touch the envelopes again for the rest of the trick.

Next you introduce three (laminated) cards with three statements printed upon them; the mixing procedure used with the envelopes is repeated with the face down cards. Each participant has a free selection of one statement card each. They secretly read their statement and keep it in their mind.

Spectator number One now announces his statement, let us imagine he says, “My lucky colour is YELLOW!” He now opens his freely selected envelope to find it contains a YELLOW card – the colour exactly matching his statement.

The other two spectators now reveal their secret statements; each naming a different colour i.e. Blue and Red; When they both open their freely chosen envelopes they each have cards of those exact colours inside matching their just named lucky colours!

The effect is absolutely stunning and since the participants have freely handled everything no one will have a clue of just how it was done!

Comes complete with everything you need & instructions.

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