Miracle Rope

Miracle Rope

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We supply the instructions for THREE great tricks with Miracle Rope.

Card Lasso: A playing card is selected and shuffled back into your pack which is then dropped into a hat, paper bag or your pocket.

The end of the Miracle Rope is then dangled inside and you claim that you are trying to lasso the selected card. When the rope is pulled into sight again sure enough the correct selected card is tied to the end of it! Use your own pack of cards.

Rope Penetration: A rope tied to a ring penetrates and escapes in a moment. Use your own ring.

Travelling Ring: A spectator's borrowed finger ring is tied to a rope from where it instantly vanishes - only to reappear in your pocket!

All three fabulous tricks are easily performed with the special rope that we supply and you will probably be able to invent many others once you have learned the clever secret of the Miracle Rope.

Comes complete with the special white magicians' rope and instructions.

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