Clown Magic Colouring Book 3-Way - Odd Bin

Clown Magic Colouring Book 3-Way - Odd Bin

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1 in stock. Performer shows a Clown Magic Colouring book and flips through the pages to show that they are all blank.

He invites a child up and gives him a magic wand to wave over the book.

When the performer flips through the pages again, pictures are seen to have appeared.

But wait, these are just black & white, says Magi.

The helper is instructed to wave the magic wand again and say the magic words, "Hocus Pocus!" and when the pages are flipped a third time the pictures are in full, brilliant colour!

Ideal to use in conjunction with Chameleon Rainbow Streamer, Crayon Vanishing Box or Magic Colouring Wand.

Comes with the Clown Magic Colouring Book (approx. 8.5" x 11") & instructions. Use your own wand - cover may vary from that shown. 1 in stock.

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