Tricks with the Jardine Ellis Ring

Tricks with the Jardine Ellis Ring

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The Jardine Ellis Ring (named after the inventor) is a thick silver-coloured metal ring that can be made to penetrate a wand, pencil, rule or piece of rope which is held on both ends by a spectator.

Our favourite is to place the ring onto a spectator's upright thumb and to cover this with their handkerchief. Go under the handkerchief and let them feel you remove the ring from their thumb.

Drop the ring in your pocket and say a magic word. Let them uncover their thumb and to their total bewilderment the ring is now back on their thumb!

The clever gimmick allows everything to be fully inspected at the completion of the trick.

The special Jardine Ellis Ring comes complete with a paperback book (approx. A5 size) packed with super routines.

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