The Raven - Reel Model

The Raven - Reel Model

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Wow! Who can forget seeing David Blaine turn a Dime into a Penny and also Criss Angel turn Candy into a Bug using this device.

It looks like pure magic!

Whilst wearing a short-sleeved shirt you show your hands empty and then place a coin upon your palm-up right hand.

With your fingers spread, you wave your left hand over the coin and it visually vanishes!

The Raven Reel is one of the cleverest and cleanest devices to make a coin vanish and make you a star!

This improved version of the modern "holdout", features an impressive strong reel with a palm-held pick up gimmick.

You get the gimmick, extension line, mini coin and shell nickel for a superb coin transposition.

The newer U.K two pence coin can also be used without being gimmicked.

Hundreds of additional effects are possible, plus this fantastic new Reel version makes it far easier than ever to do. Comes complete with instructions.

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