Rabbit From Hat with Silk - Odd Bin

Rabbit From Hat with Silk - Odd Bin

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Pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Now you can do it with a silk!

It is a popular image that people have of magicians pulling a rabbit from a top hat but most people have never seen anyone actually do it! Here now is your opportunity to put matters right.

You show your audience a picture of a hat on both sides and this is draped over your fist. You now reach into the centre of the hat and pull out a silk handkerchief which displays a picture of a cute looking rabbit much to the delight of your audience.

The rabbit is now made to vanish in your hand only to again appear in the centre of the hat. For this second appearance Eddie drapes the hat silk over a child's clenched together closed fists and reproduces the rabbit from within!

Loads of rabbit jokes are possible while you are performing this marvellous effect and these are included in the routine.

Most magicians who have purchased this trick report back that it is a "gold mine" and a must for children's entertainers & clowns!

Comes with a quality 18" hat silk, special 9" rabbit silk and routine. Use your own thumb tip. 1 in stock.

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