Blank-Buster (Bicycle cards)

Blank-Buster (Bicycle cards)

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One of the easiest-to-do but most baffling duel predictions of two playing cards ever. When the pack is spread face upwards at the finish your audience will be simply dumbfounded!

You show a pack of Bicycle playing cards together with a further two cards with different coloured backs these are your prediction cards.

You start to deal the cards face down and anyone stops you at any point. You mark this place with one of the predictions cards CROSSWAYS into the pack exactly where you have been stopped.

Again you deal from the top of the Deck one card at a time and again anyone can stop the deal at any point they like. The second prediction card marks another card.

The two prediction cards are now separated from the pack together with the cards next to them and when these cards are all turned faces upwards the cards they stopped you at prove to be an exact match for your two prediction cards!

A fantastic double prediction but you haven’t finished yet: When you turn the rest of the pack face upwards and spread the cards across the table each and every one is completely blank!

·The cards can immediately be left for close examination without a clue as to how you performed your stunner.
·No skill or sleight of hand is required.
·No specially printed fake cards are used, just blanks and the regular cards.
·Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced magicians alike.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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