Repeat Vanishing Rabbit

Repeat Vanishing Rabbit

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The greatest “Find the Rabbit” routine EVER!

This is a delightful effect in which four white Rabbits and one black Rabbit are shown, (colours may vary).

Each alternate Rabbit is turned face downwards and the five Rabbits are fanned out for the audience to guess which is the odd black Rabbit!

Several spectators are given the chance of picking out the odd Rabbit and their choice is always shown back and front, but they fail each time.

Finally they reach the last Rabbit BUT HE IS NOT THE ODD RABBIT EITHER!

You then state the odd Rabbit went up your sleeve, across your body, down your other sleeve and into your trouser pocket, and you prove it by removing it from just there!

So you decide to try it again.

This time you use only two white Rabbits and the black odd Rabbit, again alternate Rabbits are reversed and a selection offered and again they fail to find the odd Rabbit out as once more it has vanished!

Once again you claim that the Rabbit has gone up your sleeve, across your body and down the other sleeve into your pocket but when you try to remove it you find there’s a hole in your trouser pocket and the missing Rabbit is only found when you lift up the leg of your trousers and the Rabbit is sitting in the top of your sock for everyone to see – a truly amusing laughter filled finish!

Everything in this routine is clean and in a logical sequence, you psychologically build in an entertaining way that holds the audience’s attention and interest throughout the effect.

Comes complete with Rabbit cards & instructions.

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