Tagged DVD - Odd Bin Item

Tagged DVD - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. Transform your dog tag chain into a secret weapon! From the creator of Extreme Burn, Interlace and Fibre Optics Extended comes an incredible illusion where the dog tag chain around your neck and a selected card become visually and impossibly linked together.

A playing card is selected, shuffled into the deck and then the impossible happens! The performer points out the dog tag chain hanging around his neck. The chain is completely solid and ungimmicked.

Holding the deck in his hand, he waves it over the hanging chain, suddenly the selected card jumps out from the deck and impales itself onto the chain!

Please Note: There are no breaks in the chain and no slits or tears in the card. The selected card visibly impales itself onto the chain, leaving it in an impossibly linked condition.

Everything is completely examinable! You can even give it away as a souvenir!

Key Points:
*Use any deck
*Use any dog tag chain!
*Everything is totally examinable
*Angle-proof penetration
*The perfect closer to any card routine

Comes with silver-coloured 36" (91.5cm)Custom Dog Tag Chain, gimmick & training DVD Running time approx. 55 minutes

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1 in stock.

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