Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul

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Murder Most Foul is ideal to carry in your pocket and perform anywhere at any time; cabaret, stage or close-up!

You show several small cards that contain the names of characters that have been responsible for the heinous crime of murder, as you explain, “Some of these villains have been responsible for a single crime & others have committed the act of murder more than once.

"Many are already locked up for life but several have never been caught, who knows, that person sitting next to you could be a murderer and even now could be planning who their next victim will be.”

You read out some of the names and can have quite a bit of fun as they are names like Lennie the Axe Man, or Smothering Sally, fifteen different names in all.

You pass them to a spectator who is asked to mentally choose any one name from the cards and to concentrate upon it.

Slowly as if reading their mind you write your impressions down on a pad which you leave closed and sight unseen in full view.

They then act out the chosen crime behind your back.

Finally the spectator calls out the name of the Murderer, for example Arsenic Annie, and you show that very name is the one you have written on your pad!

Repeat it immediately if you wish, but on this occasion, the cards that contain their new choice of name can be hidden in their pocket so as to give you no clue, yet you can still reveal their choice exactly. Use your own pad.

The special laminated crime cards that we supply have been made even more deceptive than ever before; you will simply amaze everyone with no clue to the mystery, yet it is very easy to do. At this very affordable low price its a steal!

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