Lost Sole - Table Hopping A5 size

Lost Sole - Table Hopping A5 size

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An absorbing mystery available in Three sizes close-up, Table Hop & stand-up.

You show three laminated cut-out fishes in different colours Red, Yellow and Green, explaining that all three are on their way to fish Heaven having lived their lives to the full in the deep blue sea. (Colours may Vary).

Unfortunately, one of the three is a ‘lost sole’ and no one quite knows which fish this is, so a spectator is asked to use her latent psychic powers and indicate which fish she thinks is the poor lost sole so he can find his way to fish Heaven with his two friends.

Passing her hand over the three fishes she is invited to name any colour; red, yellow or green - positively no force, counting, spelling or similar is used just an absolutely free choice.

Incredibly she correctly names the coloured fish that matches your prediction which has been in full view from the start!

Completely free choice – no force
No stooges or confederates
100% certain & easy-to-do
No sleights or skill required
Suitable for children or adults
Ideal for a Christian audience
Different results each time you perform it

Everyone will love the compelling plot and will wish to save the lost sole!

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