Bowing Card

Bowing Card

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If it's laughter and applause that you are after, then this is for YOU! First released by Eddie many years ago and unobtainable for several years – now available at an almost give-away price.
A playing card is chosen and shuffled back into the pack by an audience member.

Clever you the magician or mentalist magically reveals the chosen card, everyone applaudes and you bow dramatically AND SO DOES THE CHOSEN CARD!

What a wonderful visual effect – guaranteed to double your applause in any of your favourite card tricks.

Here’s how Eddie used to present it: An envelope was placed in full view as his prediction and a playing card is then chosen by a spectator.

The prediction envelope is opened and the card inside proves to be a duplicate of the chosen card.

The audience applaud and he bows first to them and then to the prediction card and the prediction card bows back!

He then looks frustratedly on as the prediction card continues to bow, milking the audience’s applause, until he says, “All right, that’s enough!” and puts the card away remarking, “That card is getting too big for its boots!”

You will find many ways of using this wonderful specially gimmicked card, we give you several but you will soon think up many more for yourself.

Special bowing Bicycle card and full instructions included and sold at an almost give-away price.

Only £1.99

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