Rising / Super Locater Card - Close-Up

Rising / Super Locater Card - Close-Up

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Looking for a Rising Card method that can be performed close-up right under your audience’s noses, that uses no threads, hairs, elastic, wax, weights, pins, hooks, sticky substances, holes in cards/card packet, block of cards, mechanical devices, card forces or anything similar?

Then look no further for you have found the perfect answer and it is also very easy to do!

Using your own pack of playing cards, one is freely selected and then replaced into the centre of the pack.

Holding the upright pack the card is named and then the freely chosen card spookily and slowly from the centre of the pack, under your full control, rises up from the top to almost to its full length!

The card can immediately be passed for examination and the faces and backs of the entire pack spread out and freely shown without a clue to your mystery.

The effect can then be immediately repeated with another freely chosen card.

We send you a special gimmick that can be used with a Bicycle poker deck, but once you know the clever and undetectable secret you can easily make your own in less than 2 minutes flat to match almost any pack that you already own.

Once prepared (and remember we supply one all ready to use in your Bicycle deck) you will also be able to use this undetectable special card as a locater card; similar to a thick or short card.

Mysteriously cutting the aces one by one to the face of the deck, even with a one-handed cut etc.

Used by Eddie for many years, you will jump with joy at the simplicity and certainty of the guaranteed method.

We could have made a DVD of this and charged you much more than the modest price we are asking for the easy to understand instructions & special something supplied.

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