Levitation Secrets by B. Das

Levitation Secrets by B. Das

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The author of this fascinating booklet has taken great pains in compiling different practical methods of famous magicians of the world from his personal collection of magical literature like Will Goldston, Harry Kellar, Percy Abbott, Kalanag, Burling Hull, Robert Houdin and old Indian Magicians whose names are not known.

The secrets of sixteen levitations of human being are illustrated and fully revealed!

This is not a book of illusion blueprints but a book of secrets of how the marvellous illusions work.

The intelligent performer will find the information sufficient to construct some, if not all, of these items as this illustrated booklet will give you a reasonable idea of what is involved.

Compiled by B. Das and illustrated by Soumya Deb.
18-page A4 sized booklet complete with illustrations.

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