Bandanna (Blue)

Bandanna (Blue)

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These large 21" square blue Bandannas are made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton in the colour blue with black and off white swirling and flower markings.

They are ideal to use as covers and in many other ways in your magic programmes. For example, one of each colour is what Eddie uses in his presentation of our Impromptu Cards Across (see elsewhere on this website for details).

You can also fold over one corner and sew a ring inside to use as a cloth for vanishing a ring. Or roll up one corner and put a few stitches into it - this will then act as a vanishing cloth for a rolled up banknote.

You can also use the gag, "No sir it's not a banana it's a bandanna!"

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Click on this one to order a BLUE Bandanna (see elsewhere on this site for a RED Bandanna)

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