Rising Wand

Rising Wand

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This handsome Rising Wand with white tips and black centre can be used as a regular wand, but it's also full of tricks - five of them; and you will think of many more!

For instance, while holding the Wand it suddenly starts RISING in your hand. It can be made to JUMP out of your hand or offer it to a spectator and as they go to take it you make it jump back to you.

The children love it when the Wand rises and bonks you on the nose or goes into your ear etc.

Can also be used to produce a silk, banknote or imitation flower (not supplied, use your own).

By making yourself a long cloth bag to hold the wand inside you could us it for a version of the popular Silver Sceptre

Great fun for all & excellent value.

Comes with the easy to use Rising Wand (14" long) with a white bead at both ends & instructions.

Only £5.99

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