Rope Shift with Exclusive Mr. E Comedy Routine

Rope Shift with Exclusive Mr. E Comedy Routine

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This is a close-up version of Roy Baker's popular Middle Diddle Silk, that can be performed right under the spectators' noses! Small enough to carry in your pocket.

You show a card that has red and yellow ends with a black and white stripe design in the middle.

There are three holes in the card and you thread a length of rope through the hole at the red end.

You announce that the rope will jump from the red end to the yellow end and passing the apparatus through your hand you show that this what has happened.

For good measure you pass it back again, only the audience are not fooled and they realise you are just turning it from end to end in your hand.

“Where do you want it?” you ask, “On the left or on the right?” The audience demand, "In the middle!" and that is exactly what happens, a little tug on the rope and magically in is now threaded through the centre hole and in the middle!

The apparatus can now be shown both sides and the rope is indeed threaded only through the centre hole. “And that’s real magic!” you add.

If you wish with another tug on the rope it’s back to the end hole again.

This super close-up version is a great fun item that is very easy to do, guaranteed to get any type of audience laughing and participating in your magic.

Rope Shift resets instantly so it is also ideal for table hopping and walkabout shows.

Perfect for small house parties and similar events. Carry it in your pocket and it is always ready to perform.

Comes with Rope Shift, Mr. E exclusive comedy routine & instructions.

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