Poker Chips, Dice & Cards

Poker Chips, Dice & Cards

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This is a routine I put together several years ago, when doing some close-up work at various events. It’s based entirely on tried and tested classic methods some of which you may already know.

You place three different coloured poker chips on the table and ask someone to think of any of the colours. Reading their mind you write your impressions on a small sheet of paper, which you fold and place opposite the chosen colour thought of by the spectator.

A second spectator rolls two dice making sure they are not loaded, then rolls two numbers by chance, the total of which you claim you have written on a second piece of paper placed opposite the dice.

Finally a third spectator chooses a playing card from five face down cards on the table a prediction of which you have also made in advance.

Your first two prediction are read out loud and you have correctly predicted the simply thought of colour and also the total of the freely thrown dice.

When your card prediction is revealed you appear to have cheated, causing murmurings from your audience, however when the five cards are shown you are correct in every detail and the audience are soon applauding with amazement!

Only classic easy to do methods are used, no special skills are required.

Comes with a small notepad (approx 4.5 x 3”, 11.5 x 7.5cms) , two pocket-sized dice, three coloured poker chips & instructions. Use your own cards and pen.

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