Card to Almost Anywhere

Card to Almost Anywhere

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Mr Card or Close-up Magician, when you learn this clever and amazing secret you are going to wonder why you have struggled for years learning to palm a card or messing about with sticky substances to make it appear that a card has vanished.

You can now make a selected card vanish from the pack, right under the spectator’s nose.
And we promise you; they just won’t have a clue as to how you do it! No palming or sleight of hand is used. It is a very clean and subtle principle that will delight you.

The card can now be made to reappear from just about ANYWHERE YOU CAN IMAGINE. Inside your wallet, on the ceiling, even from under a seated spectator! Ideal for card-to-cigarette or card-to-orange type effects.

Remember, this vanish is brought about without palming, sleights, rough & smooth, wax or sticky-tape. Just about everyone we have showed this to has raved about the simple yet subtle method involved. We are sure that you to will be delighted.

The Card to Almost Anywhere booklet includes a special sample something. Use your own pack of cards, wallet etc.

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