Utility Change Bag

Utility Change Bag

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We have quite a collection of useful Change Bags in our range and wouldn't introduce yet another one, unless it had a specific application and advantages.

The Utility Change Bag is a different concept, first designed by Len Belcher and used by Eddie for many years. Ideal when you appear to borrow a lady's handbag from an audience member (planted by you earlier) and then used in comedy routines such as cut & restored borrowed handkerchief or cut & restored gentleman's tie, or as the vanish in The Vanishing Bandanna Routine!

Looks just like an expensive evening handbag! Made of black velvet trimmed with gold braid, with a zip opening on the side of the bag.

Does everything an ordinary change bag would do, using a different concept. The spectator himself can add or remove items from it as there are no flaps and nothing for him to discover!

We give you twenty-three practical suggestions for effects that you can perform with this Utility Change Bag but you will soon be thinking up many more for yourself.

Nicely made in India by Sam Delal which enables us to bring them to you at about a third of the price one would expect to pay for such a lovely and useful prop.

Only £14.99

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