Mystic Tassel Stick

Mystic Tassel Stick

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A marvellous model of the popular classic Pompom Sticks, using two different coloured cords ending in tassels, making the effect even more puzzling.

You display a stick (11" x 0.5") with two different coloured cords, with a matching bead on top and tassel below, showing both cords are equal and separate.

Then they magically behave as one linked or continuous cord, with one growing longer as the other grows shorter and when the red bead is pulled up the green tassel responds so on!

With a little bit of presentation effort, this can be an extremely effective piece of comedy magic for any audience.

Comes complete with wooden-look Mystic Tassel Stick with one red and one green tassels (approx 11 x 0.5") & instructions.

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