Your Card Is...

Your Card Is...

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Your Card Is... A truly commercial and comical fun way of revealing a chosen card that is ideal for mentalists, magicians and all entertainers! Great for both stand-up and walkabout performances.

You show a large A4 file (approx 210 x 297) from which can be seen protruding several large laminated cards or signs; this is your prediction file. A playing card is selected by an audience member.
You explain that a good showman always reveals the chosen card a little at a time to build up the suspense and so you will reveal your prediction signs one-by-one, unfortunately the predictions seem to be wrong but in the most hilarious way you correct them so you are always right!

In total you display seven different signs and the seventh is a real laughter maker when the entire audience think that it has all been a series of gags where you have lead them up the garden path – that is until you correctly reveal the back of this sign which shows a giant picture of the actual chosen card!

If you enjoy performing comedy magic or just want to put some humour and laughter into your show then this is definitely for you.

Packs flat in your bag so is ideal for MCs or ‘emergency use’ in your regular shows. Guaranteed to produce the laughs in even the hardest of audiences and you don’t have to be a comedian to perform it!

We supply the A4 laminated signs, card folder and routine, use your own pack of playing cards.

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