Comedy Bottle & Glass - Sale item

Comedy Bottle & Glass - Sale item

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Show two tubes and a bottle. Cover the bottle with the right tube, then take the bottle out and put it into the left tube.

Say the magic word. The bottle is back in the other tube!

Do a magic gesture, show two more bottles have been produced.

Cover the middle bottle with the tube, magic gesture, the bottle has changed to a cup or a plastic tumbler!

This set of three good quality full sized nesting bottles and two tubes, plus a single tumbler are all strongly made of plastic and lightweight.

By adding two plastic tumblers you can easily convert this to the Passe Passe Comic Routine as performed by Ken Brooke and other leading comedy magicians.

Comes complete with instructions.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering this item please check with us what extra postage will be required.

Only £15.99

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