Bongo's Bloomers - Comedy

Bongo's Bloomers - Comedy

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Following the instructions read out from a laminated card by a spectator, and using your Mini Milk Pitcher or other style magic milk jug, you fill a mug, beaker or flowerpot with milk or break an egg into it - or both.

Next you place the instruction card on the open top of the beaker and turn it upside down, the card trapping the milk inside. In this state the beaker is placed on top of the spectator’s head.

You now need to look at the instructions to see what comes next, so you carefully slide the card from under the beaker leaving the latter still open side down on the spectator’s head.

Unfortunately the card reads ‘WARNING - DO NOT REMOVE THIS CARD!’ There is only one thing for it to save the spectator from being drenched with milk – the audience has to shout the magic word, “Abracadabra!” when you then remove the beaker the spectator is left with a beautiful bunch of Spring Flowers on top of his head!

Ideal to use with the Comedy Magic Funnel when you appear to pump the milk out of the spectator’s elbow or ear before removing the beaker.

Guaranteed to convulse any audience with laughter & perfect for both children’s and adults’ shows alike.

Comes with the Spring Flowers, laminated instruction card, special something that makes the trick work and the mug or beaker. Use your own Milk Pitcher and Funny Funnel.

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