Flags on Parade

Flags on Parade

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Looking for an easy to do effect that is ideal for entertainers both new to magic and professionals? then look no further. Flags on Parade is a fascinating trick using six laminated cards depicting colourful flags from various nations.

One by one you introduce the flags asking your audience to call out the names of the six different countries involved and laying them out in a row from one to six on the table or standing upright on a display stand for all to see.

Explaining that you are about to create another of your magic spells you ask any spectator to name a number and that flag is isolated in full view. Let’s say this is the red & white flag of Japan.

The backs of the other five flags are now freely shown and each have a message in bold letters ‘You won’t choose ME!’

Any spectator turns over the chosen flag to display a colourful Japanese scene on the opposite side with the message ‘Welcome to: Japan “Land of the Rising Sun”!

Please note the following points:

*Your spectator has a free choice of number & can change his mind
*You can repeat the effect with a different choice of flag
*Only six flags are used in performance, no extras
*No switch of the chosen flag
*No stooges are involved

Very easy to do and ideal for close-up, television, parlour or stand-up shows. It also plays very well for both children and adults.

Comes complete with A6 sized laminated picture cards & instructions.

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