Disc Escape, 24 carat gold plated

Disc Escape, 24 carat gold plated

Product ID: 1672

This is a new conceptual close-up trick combined with a Mental and Penetration effect.

You show a container with five different coloured discs each with a hole through its centre.

A spectator turns the colours face down and mixes them together and then chooses any disc (no force) secretly noting its colour.

He then places all the discs into the 24 carat gold plated container and then passes a thread through the container from bottom to top clearly threading both the container and the discs inside.

The spectator concentrates on the chosen colour and viola! The freely chosen coloured disc miraculously penetrates through the cord leaving all the other discs still firmly threaded!

Everything can be examined both before and after the effect which makes it perfect for table-hopping and close-up work. Always ready to perform - no extra discs and no preparation is required.

Your audience will be left wondering with awe and will not find the subtle secret.

Comes complete with everything required and even a small carrying pouch to keep everything together in your pocket.

We have only a limited number of Disc Escape so once they are gone there will be no more as they are no longer available - sold on a first come/first served basis.

Only £19.99

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