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Film Favourites

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During my fifty plus years as a Mentalist & Hypnotist I always liked to include at least one prediction effect in my programme; this was one of my favourites and in its now updated form I commend it to you!

You show a security prediction envelope inside & out and then slip a single laminated prediction card inside, the envelope is then left in full view of the audience, or have a spectator sit upon it for safekeeping. No switch of the envelope.

Next you show four laminated cards each with titles of several movies listed on them and you read a few off so that your audience can see there is quite a collection.

Any spectator chooses one of the lists (no force) and then a film is freely selected from that list, let’s say the spectator chooses, “Hitchcock’s Psycho.”

The security envelope is now opened, your prediction card is removed and held by a spectator showing its blank side towards the audience and building up the tension!

The chosen movie is named – in this example Psycho the horror film starring Antony Perkins and Janet Leigh.

Your prediction card held by the spectator is turned towards the audience to show it is a reproduction of the movie’s poster – Psycho!

The prediction can be different every time and is selected from a total of 36 film titles.

Easy to do. A stunning feature effect for your next show.

Comes complete with four laminated lists of movie titles (approx 8.25 x 5.5”), security envelope (approx 11 x 7.75”), prediction posters (approx 7.5 x 5.5”) & instructions.

Only £19.99

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