Night Out in Paris - JUMBO Size A5 Pictures

Night Out in Paris - JUMBO Size A5 Pictures

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NOW including the LONDON extra by Eddie Burke. This hilarious novelty effect will give you a lot of magical fun when you perform it for your friends.

You show a number of cards each of an attractive and sexy young women, explaining that these are pictures of charming young ladies, who you claim are “escort girls” available when your male participant next visits Paris.

Your male participant selects one of the pictures sight unseen, and entirely by chance.

You request the male participant to name the amount of money he is prepared to spend on the escort of his choice, for an enthralling night out in Paris. No matter what amount of money he names – you exclaim, “It’s a long time since you were in Paris – these days for that amount of money – this is all you will get!”

So saying, the selected picture is turned over to show that the spectator has chosen an ugly old woman!

This will produce a lot of laughter wherever you perform it!

To make up for his disappointment you give him a second chance to choose an escort for a night out in London; and what a shock THIS turns out to be when he turns up his new selection!

Night Out In Paris comes complete with eight unfaked & laminated picture cards, which may be left for examination at the end, fully detailed Marvillo routine plus additional instructions & ideas by Eddie Burke.

Sold in three sizes; A4, A5 JUMBO and pocket size.

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