Professional Telephone Directory & Book Tests

Professional Telephone Directory & Book Tests

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Three superb Book & Telephone Directory Tests, using regular books or local Telephone Directories!

No Carbon Copies, no playing cards, no turning over pads, no adding figures.

All three are superior both in effect & methods used. All are easy to do.

Revealing words chosen from a book or telephone numbers selected from a directory, have long been classic of Mental Magic. Performers who have helped to make their reputations from these effects include Kalanag, Al Koran, Amazing Fogel & Dunninger.

Simple direct methods using unfaked books and telephone directories have always proven to be the best. Here we reveal three methods by Richard Lorde Payne, Ted Annemann and our very own Eddie Burke.

Indeed the Annemann method sold for $100 in the 1930s, now you can obtain the self same method for a fraction of that price.

You will soon be adding this masterpiece of modern mystery in your own performances, to the complete and utter bewilderment of your audiences.

With the exception of one simple fake (for the Annemann effect, which you possibly already own) only everyday articles are used, books, pens, business cards slips of paper etc.
*No adding together of numbers.
*No playing cards or similar.
*No carbon or other impressions.

All three methods are completely practical and can be performed under test conditions. All are easy to do.
No turn over pads. Loads of audience participation.

This is top notch professional mentalism that you will present again & again. It's simply no to be missed!

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