Sammy the Amazing Mindreading Snake

Sammy the Amazing Mindreading Snake

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This wonderful comedy item has been off the market for far too long. We have redesigned it, so that “Sammy the Mindreading Snake” is all ready for action in your show.

Basically it’s the comic revelation of two playing cards by the picture of a snake. Sammy appears to make a mistake and comes up with only one of the cards. Worse still, neither of the two cards selected match Sammy’s choice.

However, with a wonderful comedy finish you prove that Sammy is 100% correct after all! Children will love him!

Sammy the Amazing Mindreading Snake comes ready to work, complete with a laminated picture of Sammy himself to last a lifetime, plus full instructions and the clever comedy routine.

Use your own pack of playing cards as these are completely unfaked.

Only £5.99

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