Colour in Mind - Mr E

Colour in Mind - Mr E

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Seven fantastic effects are possible with these colourful plaques. It would be possible to present a complete act using nothing but these coloured plaques and a few marking pens.

Effect Number One. Ask any spectator to take a few coins from his pocket and total them together. You take a coloured plaque and a marking pen, and you write something on the plaque. The pen is then tossed to one side. The spectator announces the full amount of his coins – you turn the plaque to show that you have exactly predicted this number in BOLD FIGURES on the back on the plaque!

Nothing is added to the plaque once the full amount is announced. No nail writers, one-ahead or anything similar. You use only the one plaque and the marking pen. A very exciting new method is used! No skill required.

Effect Number Two. Take a plaque and write a three-figure number on its reverse side. Ask three spectators to stand. You mentally transmit your three figures to them one by one. Each spectator announces his received figure – you turn the plaque AND THAT VERY SAME THREE-FIGURE NUMBER IS STARING THEM IN THE FACE!

A superb phenomenon! Nothing used save the pen and plaque.

Effect Number Three. Three plaques of contrasting colours are shown. You explain that you have a prediction on the back of each one. A spectator freely chooses a colour. Let’s say they choose yellow. You turn this card around to show your prediction boldly written on the back reads: YOU WILL CHOOSE YELLOW’. Everyone thinks it’s a gag – but you have her name a second colour, from the two left. Let’s say she chooses blue. Your prediction on the back reads: ‘SECOND, YOU WILL CHOOSE BLUE!’ The last colour (let’s say it is pink) is also turned around to show its message, which reads: 'YOU WILL CHOOSE PINK LAST!’

Effect Number Four. Any three articles are called out by members of the audience and listed on a plaque. Let's say they choose a watch, a pen and a hat (they have a perfectly free choice). You turn the card and secretly mark one of the articles just named. Point to anyone and have him name any one of the items. Immediately turn the card so the audience can clearly see that you have marked the very article just named!

Effect Number Five. This is a fabulous version of Hen Fetch’s famous Mental Epic prediction. In this effect, you make and number three predictions. Three spectators take part – the first freely chooses any town or city anywhere in the world. The second freely chooses any number between 100 and 999. The last chooses a playing card. When your numbered predictions are shown you have correctly predicted all THREE choices. This truly amazing effect leaves any audience flabbergasted!

Effect Number Six. Al Koran’s famous ‘Doodles’ thoroughly updated. Three spectators each secretly doodle on a card. These plaques are collected and mixed. You give a brief psychological profile of the doodlers concerned and then correctly identify them.

Effect Number Seven. Two spectators now take part. One selects a playing card and the other one thinks of a number. The two participants are completely unaware of the other person’s choice. Each is now given a plaque and told to doodle on it for about sixty seconds or so. When their doodles are shown, each has correctly identified the other person’s thoughts, revealing both the playing card and the number! These are truly reputation making effects! All are easy to do!

Comes with three plaques of the same colour, three of different contrasting colours (approx A5 sized) & instructions.

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