Boomerang Cards Across - Sold out waiting for new stock

Boomerang Cards Across - Sold out waiting for new stock

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This superb trick is suitable for walkabout, close-up and street magicians. Put it into your pocket and perform it anywhere - anytime as it is always ready with no set-up to worry about.

It's also a real fooler that everyone we have showed it to absolutely loves - as well as being dead easy to do.

Guaranteed to make your friends and audience members sit up and take notice, making them laugh and applaud at your clever, impossible, novel effect.

Post free UK

You show two printed ribbon spreads of mini sized playing cards, a long one and a short one. A spectator selects either spread (for example, the short one but they have a perfectly free choice; there is no force).

One or more people mentally choose cards from that spread and again it is a free choice. Post FREE in the UK

Without asking a single question, you make their mental selections mysteriously travel to the long spread, and no there are no loose cards, double-faced cards or anything similar!

Boomerang Cards Across is an impossible transposition of one or more printed cards from one printed spread to another!

This baffling, yet easy to perform trick, takes a popular illusion to a new level! We feel we are selling this far to cheaply and predict that we just won't be able to keep up with the demand once magicians get to know about it.

Comes complete with cards & instructions.

Post FREE in the UK.

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