Vanishing Statue of Liberty

Vanishing Statue of Liberty

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When David Copperfield vanished the Statue of Liberty in front of a live audience on international television it created a world-wide sensation that is still talked about today.

You can cash in on this fact during your close-up, school, club, platform or party performances - letting some of the fame rub off on YOU as you present the same effect on a smaller scale.

It is ideal if giving a talk or performance based on the history of magic! My own presentation is to tell the story of this famous historical illusion and say that I am going to show the audience how it was done.

Once the statue has vanished and everything freely shown I then say, "And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is exactly how on April 8th 1983 David Copperfield made magical history by vanishing the Statue of Liberty!" This will put some real mystery into your shows at minimum expense.

A window envelope is displayed, with a picture of the Statue of Liberty with two helicopters hovering above. The envelope is turned around and the card pulled out part way and the back of the picture displayed showing it depicts the spectators watching the illusion.

The card is pushed back and the envelope turned around so the face of the card is again displayed. The Statue of Liberty has magically vanished leave a large bold flash with the word 'gone', although the helicopters are still there flying overhead.

The card is pulled out and can be handed over for examination, the envelope is shown to be empty with no sign of the vanished statue. It's a true baffler!

Comes with the Card & Envelope (approx. A5 size) and instructions.

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