Big Surprise

Big Surprise

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A super low cost item that will fit into the bottom of your bag and yet is suitable for stage, cabaret or parlour.

A spectator selects a playing card from a pack of cards. You display a jumbo card fan. One of the cards is face down in the fan.

You now ask the spectator to spot his selected card in the fan. The spectator says it is not there. You ask them to name their chosen card out loud for everyone to hear.

You now claim that the one face down card in the fan is the spectator's selected card.

Immediately the entire fan of cards transforms into a giant size replica of the spectator's selected card!

The sudden change from jumbo fan to a single giant card is a certain applause cue for you, the clever magician that features this dramatic effect!

Comes with the special easy to use jumbo fan to giant card and instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards for the selection.

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