Utility Card Folder

Utility Card Folder

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Several routines are included with this clever new type of prop.

This folder comes with two gimmicked cards, one has a playing card face and a "black art" back matching the inside of the folder.

Another card is a playing card size flap with both sides matching the folder.

Switches and vanishes of cards, visiting cards, stamps, prediction papers and so on are therefore all possible with this indispensable gimmick.

With three of these you could perform an excellent Just Chance routine where spectators get the hard luck papers and you get the banknote.

Use Utility Card Folder for spirit pictures, two-way predictions, vanishes & productions, torn & restored effects, number and word divinations, instant Origami, paper to banknote, and even 'outs' when you make a mistake and all manner of tricks.

At this low cost you cannot afford to be without it!

Only £5.99

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