Nesting Wands, Multi Colour

Nesting Wands, Multi Colour

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Featured by the inventor Bev Bergeron at Disneyland in Florida for many years who then kindly gave Eddie permission to produce and offer these to our customers in the UK. Bev’s original wands were black and white.

Eddie had the bright idea of each wand being a different colour and this is what we offer here.

As far as we know no other European dealer has had permission to produce or sell this item.

You begin to hand your assistant one wand and hilariously by the end of the effect; your assistant is holding 5 wands each a different colour!

As each wand appears your helper finds it more and more difficult to hold all five, bringing much laughter from the audience.

The routine can be performed either with a young boy from the audience or a suitable fun loving lady or gentleman

We offer the very best quality Nesting Wands on the market (largest wand 14" long x 1.25" in diameter) together with Bev’s full exclusive routine which includes a final bit of business that always brings the house down; together with full instructions.

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