The Witch Has Turned

The Witch Has Turned

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Based on our popular Bashful Card this is another winner for your close-up performances.

You show three cards fanning them out to show their faces – two spot cards and a picture card in the centre.

Explaining that the picture card is a Witch that has just died and is about to be buried at midnight, while the other two cards are the gravediggers, you close up the fan.

You now further explain about the old superstition that witches turn in their grave – you immediately again fan out the three cards to show that the Witch card has now turned face down between the two gravediggers.

Immediately the face down card is removed and tossed face upwards on the table, where its full face can be seen, the picture card really was face downwards as in the old legend!

The other two cards are also freely shown front and back to be just two regular cards.

Remember both the front and backs of each card are seen!
This surprising and clever trick is based upon a very clever principle.

*No chemicals or sleight of hand.
*Three cards only are used.
*Positively no skill is required.

Comes with quality playing cards & instructions.

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