Mental Mix-Up - KdC

Mental Mix-Up - KdC

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Tricks in which the magician or mentalist appears to make a mistake only for everything to come right at the finish are always popular. This close-up effect is one of Ken de Courcy’s best!

You show a small packet (just over one third of a full deck) of playing cards and explain that you will use them to read a spectator’s mind!

Anyone thinks of any card in a pack of fifty-two, this is a completely free and random choice.

The spectator deals cards faces down as you direct while simply concentrating on the value and suit of their freely chosen card.

You now remove just one card from your small packet and lay it face down as your prediction.

This proves NOT to match their chosen card in any way, so with no more clues and no fishing you proceed to read the spectator’s mind and actually name their correct and freely thought of card – to everyone’s utter amazement!

However there is a sensational climax to follow which comes as a total surprise when the balance of the packet is shown.
This is a real stunner and we think one of Ken’s very best!
Ideal for table-hopping as it is reset in a moment.

At the finish all the cards can be examined without a clue to your mystery.

Very easy to do and comes complete with the necessary cards, de Courcy’s routine & instructions.

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