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This really is one of the easiest and straight forward mind-reading effects that you will ever perform!

Anyone simply thinks of any number between one & fifty, no force, they then imagine that they are playing a game of Bingo at a local hall and that is the number they are waiting for a full house & winning themselves a major prize!

For a bit of audience participation they tell everyone what they will do if they win the prize money and they also check out the competition’s bingo cards to see how many other people they may have to share their winnings with.

Using positive thinking they mentally WILL their freely and secretly chosen number to be drawn, let’s say they are sweating on the number twenty-seven!

Note: They Never reveal their number until the finish of the effect.

They write nothing down, there are no impression methods or secret peek wallets and the like used yet suddenly you as the Psychic Bingo caller correctly call out their winning number “Twenty-seven!”

You can pretend to pull an invisible bingo ball out of an invisible bag or machine and correctly call their number!

Using straight forward and well-tested methods you very easily and secretly learn any freely chosen number.

Easy to do! Cannot fail! Read anyone’s mind! Repeat it immediately. No force, peek wallets, writing down and the like; the laminated Bingo cards do all the work for you. Nothing to replace so use it forever!

Comes complete with laminated bingo cards & instructions.

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