Your Lucky Day - Mre

Your Lucky Day - Mre

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Just what does a good mentalist or magician do when someone asks, “Can you read my mind right now?” & you don’t have anything with you?

Eddie always performs a wonderful mental routine he calls ‘Your Lucky Day’; and this could also be your lucky day as for the very first time, he reveals all in this Mr. E booklet!

We don’t want to give the impression that the secret is something new, in fact, Eddie has been performing this routine for well over fifty years in just about every performance situation you could imagine even over the telephone on prospective clients.

Remember, no props are used – just yours and the spectator’s mind so we supply nothing except the subtle secret you also get that all important very special routine and presentation that takes this from a simple puzzle to a devastating mental miracle classic that you will work often!

You take your participant on a ‘Mind Trip’ to an imaginary horse race meeting in which he places an imaginary bet on any imaginary horse, using an imagined amount of money.

He has the thrill of winning the bet and winning a considerable amount, enough to share his good fortune with others.

Thanks also to the participant’s gambling tip you have also backed the winner and even pay the participant for his advice, it is indeed his lucky day!

Finally the participant announces the amount of money that he has secretly in mind, let’s say he has £20, you open your clenched fist which you have been holding in full view since the start to show a £20 banknote!

Please note that the amount of money will vary with each performance and it can be performed with any type of currency. Even if you have no money on you at the time of your performance you can still correctly announce the amount that the spectator is secretly thinking.

This is without doubt the perfect baffling effect for totally impromptu performances; you never need to be caught out again EVER! Very easy to do. No secret memory aids are needed!

We explain everything in our booklet. Suitable for beginners & experienced professionals.

"Just to let you know that the trick your lucky day is just great;performed it on three occasions and got such a great reaction every time. One of the best impromptu effects I have come across. Thanks Eddie". John Middling.

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