Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run

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Norman’s Famous Elusive or Hippity Hop Rabbits is a great fun trick that has been featured by both comedy & children’s magicians for many years.
On the downside, being made of wood, it is expensive, bulky and heavy to carry, suitable only when the audience are seated in front and a short distance away from you where they cannot spot the secret flaps.

Eddie for a number of years has featured a lightweight, low-cost version that packs flat at the bottom of his case, without losing any of the fun of this tremendously entertaining effect and is suitable for house parties, parlour shows and close-up audiences of all kinds.
You show two (B5 envelope style) houses with windows, inside one can be seen a white rabbit and inside the other a black rabbit. These are printed on quality A5 size card and laminated for long life.

You demonstrate only one rabbit is inside each house but being careful not to display the opposite side of each card; a fact that won’t go unnoticed by the more observant children and adults.

Magically you cause the Black and White rabbits to run around the room and change places and then return back to their original houses once more.

But your audience are not convinced – they saw you turn the houses around before showing the other side of each card and then back again showing the original sides – clearly the white rabbit has a black one on its back and vice versa – they insist on seeing the cards, which you remove from the houses that are now seen to be empty.
Now follows the usual turn it around – show us the back – right round business as you lead the audience on.

Eventually you do show the rear of each card; and there’s a RED rabbit on the back of one and a GREEN rabbit on the back of the other!

You have led the entire audience up the garden path!

This is ideal for when you need to extend your show a little or you are called upon as the compeer. They take up no room in your show case and are always ready for you to perform.

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