L.B ESP Prediction

L.B ESP Prediction

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When Len Belcher first showed me this stunning effect, he laid out six ESP cards faces upwards and tossed a paper ball to the watching partygoers and invited the person who caught it to simply drop it on any of the face-up ESP cards.

Immediately Belcher had the scrunched-up paper opened to show that it contained a drawing of the very self-same ESP card so freely selected!

I did a deal with Belcher who lived in Cannock, Staffordshire who was a very dear friend, to allow me to market the trick. Since that time with the help of Marvillo of Germany we developed many variations and alternative methods to the effect that Len showed on that memorable occasion.

Keeping to the same principles the trick can now be performed when table-hopping or being repeated before the same audience, the selected ESP symbol and predictions being different with each performance.

This splendid effect is sure-fire and very easy to do requiring no sleight of hand, sticky tape or roughed cards or anything similar.

Comes complete with six laminated ESP cards, folder, envelope, prediction papers & instructions including Belcher’s original method. Plus, a super alternative developed by Marvillo and me for repeat performances.

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