Eye Test (2) - Mre

Eye Test (2) - Mre

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A fabulous comedy card effect, suitable for your close-up and walkabout shows. It will bring you lots of laughter & fun wherever and whenever you perform it.

Any spectator chooses a card. A second spectator looks into his eyes but seems to be having trouble naming the card.

You introduce your Eye Test Chart and they call off the first couple of letters on this. That’s much better, now they can actually name the selected card correctly.

A second card is chosen and this time they read the full sentence off the Eye Chart which is quite a surprise!

There is a terrific laugh finish, when the second selected card is also correctly revealed, but in a most unexpected manner! You are going to love performing this one!

Comes complete with the special A5 (140x200) eye test chart, instructions & comedy routine by Ken de Courcy.

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