Van Gogh Mystery

Van Gogh Mystery

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According to legend, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his right ear, but in fact he only cut off his ear lobe.

Nevertheless, in this entertaining effect your spectator tries to locate the missing ear without success – that is, until it vanishes completely and there follows a truly amusing & completely unexpected climax!

You show a famous self portrait of Vincent with his bandaged ear and lay it to one side in full view.

Next you show two other self portraits by Van Gogh – plus a picture of the missing ear by another famous artist – YOU!

The ear picture is mixed with the two portraits and the spectator plays ‘Hunt the Ear’ in which they try to pick up the missing ear picture – without success.

Finally, you show that the ear has vanished without trace – where can it be?

The alert spectator thinks they know; on the back of the first missing ear picture that you placed to one side earlier, so they turn it over and are in for a big surprise and a certain laugh finish!

Van Gogh Mystery is a superb close-up and table hopping effect that is easy to do and reset in a moment.

Perfect for carrying in your wallet or pocket where it is always ready to perform.

•Van Gogh Mystery comes with all the pocket size laminated picture cards and will give your performances real class!
•Easy to do, comes complete with the routine and full easy to follow instructions. Makes a nice change from ‘pick a card’ tricks.
•An unusual and truly different feature close-up effect that both you and your audiences will enjoy!

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