ESP Direct

ESP Direct

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You show several jumbo size laminated cards (approx. A6); each with a different ESP type symbol printed upon them. The cards are mixed and laid out face up on the table.

A spectator is allowed to indicate which cards should be eliminated one by one, until only one symbol is left. Please note there is no equivoque used in the selection, but a very clever idea by Roy Baker.

The spectators themselves turn over the chosen card to discover a large red tick sign on its back representing your prediction is correct.

But the spectators are not convinced for they have not seen the backs of the other cards, after all, they could each have a red tick mark.

But when they turn over the other cards each one has a bold letter on it – correctly spelling out the name of the selected symbol!

•A stunning climax!
•Easy to do and totally baffling
•Perform it close-up, parlour or on television
•Everything can be left for examination
•Practical Mentalism at its best!

Comes complete with the Jumbo- A6 sized laminated cards & instructions.

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