Illusion Card Box

Illusion Card Box

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The ultimate Card Illusion of making a signed card magically appear inside a closed wooden box.

You bring out a small wooden box complete with a lid, placing it down in full view on a table where it can be viewed from all sides. A playing card is freely chosen (no force) and signed by any spectator. The signed card is replaced back into the pack.

You hide the pack behind your back and shuffle it then attempt to find the signed card but fail. A spectator looks through the pack to find the card has vanished.

Anyone lifts the lid of the box to see a folded card inside, when you remove and allow a spectator to unfold the card it proves to be the signed chosen one!

At the conclusion the box can be freely shown empty to the audience members.

Illusion Card Box is well-made of wood and measures 2.38" x 1.94" x 1.50" (6 x 4.9 x 3.8 cm). Cleverly gimmicked to perform the necessary secret switch.

Note, the box is made for Bicycle Rider backed cards, use your own pack.

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