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A wonderful collection of tricks and small illusions using dice invented by Marvillo and his friend Mavo.

Dice-Coveries was originally published 25 years ago by Magictrix and has long been out of print.

Reprinted here in its original format Comb Binding with Card covers; 57-single pages A4 booklet profusely illustrated by the author and containing a wealth of original tricks & small illusions using dice, most of which were originally manufactured by the late Marvillo (originator of the Bomba Stick now known as Hot Rod) and supplied by Eddie when he was the owner of Magictrix; to magicians worldwide.

Full working and manufacturing details are shown so that anyone with a minimum of skill and tools could easily make them up for their own use today. (Marketing rights are reserved).

You will find winners such as Dobbomat, Dice-Calator, Die Illusion, Houdini Die plus a total of thirteen other exciting and practical Dice Illusions that you will be proud to feature in your close-up work.

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