Double Prediction - Extra

Double Prediction - Extra

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A startling and entertaining routine using a pack of Bicycle Poker cards.

Invite two spectators to assist and freely show the pack of cards to be all different and mixed. One of the spectators cuts the pack at any point, while you place a sealed envelope containg your prediction in full view.

Both spectators look at and remember the card cut to but a very strange thing happens, when you ask them both to name the card they just looked at they each name a different card, i.e. the Jack of Spades and the Eight of Diamonds.

Have you hypnotised them or are you mentally controlling their perception?

The effect gets even stranger when you allow a third spectator to open your prediction envelope which has been left in full view and untouched by you.

The third spectator reads out, "No matter what card you cut to I will influence your mind to think you each saw a different card, these will be the Jack of Spades and the Eight of Diamonds."

A really baffling trick with a very clever method and it is so easy to do.

Comes with an extra idea by our very own Eddie Burke which makes the effect even more baffling

Supplied complete with the special Bicycle pack which can be used as a normal pack of playing cards in your other effects.

Please note that the white gloves in the illustration are for photographic effect only; none are supplied or required for the performance.

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