Knots To You

Knots To You

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Eddie Burke’s amazing flying knots mystery! The perfect rope routine for stand-up and walkabout performances. It is easy-to-do and is always ready to perform.

You show two long pieces of rope. One rope is coiled and left in full view. You now tie three knots at individual points along the other length of rope. The knotted rope can be freely displayed and handled.

One by one and to an amusing line of patter, each knot magically vanishes off the rope (no they are not the usual slip knot). This happens visibly right in front of your audiences’ eyes.

Alternatively, all three knots can be made to vanish at the same time ‘in the twinkling of an eye!’

The coiled rope is now allowed to drop open and to the audiences’ total amazement, the missing knots are found on this rope. Did they travel across by magic or mind power? They will never know the answer to that one!

The knots can now be untied by a member of the audience if you wish as they are perfectly genuine.

You will truly enjoy performing Knots To You as it is so very easy-to-do, so you will be able to concentrate on the amusing patter presentation that is included.

Comes complete with the two ropes & instructions.

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